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Physical Therapy

"We Treat You Like Family"
At Community Hospital, physical therapy is an important part of a comprehensive treatment program for patients who are physically restricted due to an illness, handicap, or accident. Physical Therapy can relieve pain, increase range of motion, improve strength and restore function after an injury, surgery, or stroke. Our goal is to help patients return to a more normal, active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

After an evaluation our licensed physical therapists work closely with you, your physician, and family members to establish an individualized treatment plan.

Inpatient Therapy is offered five days a week to aid patients in a quick recovery. Treatment plans and goals are established with the patient’s need as the top priority. We work closely with physicians and nurses who play a vital role in the patient’s care plan. Most importantly, therapy is preformed at bedside. We encourage family participation in the rehabilitation process whenever possible.

Our staff also provides homebound physical therapy through Community Home Care. Whether you are recovering from an injury, or need to regain more basic functions necessary for independent movement, the Physical Therapy Department at Community Hospital is available to serve you.

Our areas of emphasis are:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
We provide orthopedic assessments of muscular and/or skeletal problems. The most common medical problems we treat include muscle strains, injury involving the back, neck, shoulder or foot, tendonitis, knee or shoulder reconstruction and joint replacement.

Amputee Clinic/ Prosthetics Rehabilitation
Our specially trained therapists work with the prosthetist to ensure proper fit and use of the prosthetic, and to help the patients maximize function and mobility following an amputation. These services can begin immediately following surgery and continue after fitting to help the patient return to many activities of their daily lives.

Spine Care
We treat spinal disorders such as back strain, disc injuries, leg/hip pain, spurs, whiplash, arm and shoulder pain, arthritis and headaches. We emphasize returning the patient to an optimal functional level and giving the patient education to prevent further back related injuries.

Neurological Rehabilitation
Services are provided at one convenient location by specialists whose primary focus is treatment of patients with neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and other neuromuscular diseases. Treatment Plans are based on the patient’s individual needs and goals while concentrating on functional improvement.

For more information on the Physical Therapy department at Community Hospital please contact

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