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"Making You Picture Perfect"
The Radiology Department at Community Hospital offers many modalities including Computerized Tomography (CT), fluoroscopy, ultrasounds, and mammography. The Radiology Director is Allison Stewart, RT(R)(M). The Supervisor of Radiology is Wingfield Smith.

The Fluoroscopy Department performs many procedures including:

*Barium Swallows
*Upper GI
*Small Bowel Follow Through
*Barium Enemas
*Foreign Body Removals

Please come and visit the friendly staff of the Radiology Department at Community Hospital.

Computerized Tomography
The Computerized Tomography department at Community Hospital has a high speed helical scanner which is capable of performing many tests such as:

*CT of Brain
*CT of Abdomen
*CT of Chest
*CT of pelvis
*CT of C-spine
*CT of T-spine
*CT of L-spine
*CT of Upper extremities
*Many other tests

This department has a staff of six technicians who are always on call to be available for any emergency cases that arise.

If you have any questions regarding our CT department please feel free to call 334-283-3772 or send an email to A Stewart.

The Ultrasound Department performs many different ultrasounds including:

*Venous Doppler
*Arterial Doppler

For more info on our Ultrasound Department please contact Community Hospital at 334-283-3791 or email A Stewart.

The Mammography Department performs Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms. These tests are preformed by Shannon Ward and Allison Stewart who are State, ACR, and FDA certified.

If you have any questions regarding our Mammography Department at Community Hospital please feel free to contact us at 334.283.3791 or send an email A Stewart.

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